Perhaps time’s definition of coal is the diamond.


Khalil Gibran

Welcome to my first article. 

At breakfast, gazing out the window, a droplet of dew catches my attention…then another…and another.  Diamonds sprinkled in the sun silently await eyes to notice the dazzle.   Captivating clarity as pinpoints of light magnetise.  Adjustments of angle reveal green, orange, purple and sublime white as all else recedes.  Like stars puncturing the night sky- glimpses through gateways.

There are many roads on which we travel-all of them scattered with diamonds.

In 2019, I trained with The Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership as an organisational coach.  At one session, an esteemed trainer mentioned the image of coaches mining for diamonds.

“Diamonds’ originates from the greek word Adamas meaning; ‘to be invincible or indestructible’.  Embodying rare beauty, light, strength and billions of years, in me, they inspire the ‘inner miner’.


What is indestructible in you?


Maybe you have an answer, maybe not.  As the Engineer’s Motto says:

“Question everything.  Learn something.  Answer nothing.”


As a coach and facilitator, I am keen to ‘dig’ for diamonds alongside fellow prospectors, to notice what lies in plain sight, adjusting angles and believing in a beauty and depth not always immediately visible.  Recognising and unearthing those gems rewards all.  It has a multiplier effect on people and organisations-for purpose, innovation and creativity, revamped processes, vitality and efficiency.  I have found it astounding the ways in which different facets sparkle with a well-chosen question.  Who knows, perhaps some of those precious stones and glimmering droplets will even appear right in front of our eyes!

I look forward to sharing ideas in the articles to follow.  Hope you will enjoy accompanying me along this new road.

“Go n-éirí an bóthar leat”.



No pressure, no diamonds.


Thomas Carlyle