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Standard coaching program:


✔  Meet and Greet
✔  Meet to set up program, agree on the time-frame, establish and confirm the coaching development goals, get to know you, complete a coaching assessment, triangulated meeting with supervisor (if applicable)
✔  Obtain input from feedback tools, interviews, website/business information
✔  3 or 6 month program 
✔  initial, mid-term and final coaching reviews
✔ 3/6 hours face-to-face coaching
✔  Various sessions lengths possible of 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes
✔  Additional follow-up contact between sessions with access by email or phone
✔  May include materials such as articles, book recommendations, podcasts and leadership models


Tailored programs:

We construct the ideal formula to suit your needs



Refer to the home page & section on ‘Facilitation’ for ideas




✔  Programs
✔  Workshops
✔  Forums
✔  Conference presentations

Through the process of facilitation, learn with and from your team.


Tailored workshops on a variety of topics including:


✔  Project-based business challenge

✔  Self-awareness- a critical component of leadership
✔  How and why bring more mindfulness into your leadership

✔  Developing leadership presence


Legal professionals

✔  ‘Resilient people in law’ 
✔  ‘Innovation: think more creatively and expand your range of problem solving strategies

✔  ‘Practicing kindness in law’ 
✔  ‘Set yourself a challenge: maximise one strength’

✔  ‘Deal with stress’ for legal professionals

✔  ‘Lawyers: strengthening leadership of service’

✔  Personal quest: Create your own professional/personal development adventure


Emotional Intelligence

✔  The wisdom of following your instincts/intuition at work
✔  Practical strategies to develop emotional intelligence

Wellbeing and Change

✔  Wellbeing, productivity and choice
✔  Embracing change
✔  Practical mindfulness tips for work

✔ Deal with stress:

In this hour workshop, create and implement a personal action plan to effectively deal with stress in 2023.

✔  Follow that dream

Work smarter

✔  Delegation: why it is so hard yet so necessary
✔  Strategies for focusing your attention
✔  Original ideas and how to encourage them
✔  Introducing coaching to your staff


Family Business Succession Planning

✔ Collaboratively develop a family business succession plan with the guidance of an independent facilitator

✔ Retiree and successor development programs

✔ Family business charter


Alternatively, we can custom design sessions to suit your needs.


✔  Gain feedback and insights from various stakeholders
✔  Utilise at the outset of a coaching program or mid-way to create additional awareness and to fine-tune coaching goals
✔  Additional debrief coaching session concludes the process

Mentoring program

✔ ‘Development Partners’ structured mentoring program
✔ One hour explanation session
✔ Information booklet
✔ Activity cards to assist in establishing a successful and productive mentoring relationship

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